Project: FilmCommission Bodensee (Lake Constance)

The four-country region Bodensee: a dynamic, exciting and varied film set

The FilmCommission Bodensee (Lake Constance) is a driving force that has been created to support the film industry in the four-country region Bodensee.

The FilmCommission Bodensee is a service of the Bodensee Standort Marketing GmbH and part of the regional contact points of Baden-Wurttemberg for film makers initiated and co-financed by the MFG Filmfoerderung. The FilmCommission is supposed to promote the regional film industry by offering to national and international film-makers free information and support around their film projects in the four-country region Bodensee. It is the first Film Commission with a transnational service covering four countries.

The four-country region offers an exciting variety for different types of shootings being in particular an attractive film location for TV films, short films and advertising films as well as for travel reports and co-productions. Characterized by Lake Constance with its picturesque surroundings and the foothills of the Alps, its rural idyllic scene, historical culture and modern architecture, economically and culturally important cities as well as by well-known World Culture Heritage Sites, the region offers a wide and interesting range of film sets. In the four-country region Bodensee, tradition and modernity, regionality and internationality are in complete harmony. Besides its visual charm, the four-country region offers several companies and service providers operating for the film industry.

You are looking for a suitable location for a shooting, a convenient accommodation for your crew or contact to people working in the film industry, experts and service providers around Lake Constance? We will be pleased to help you and are looking forward to hear from you.

You are planning a shooting in the four-country region and do still need a filming permit? We will be pleased to find you the right contact persons and to assist you with entering into contact with the responsible authorities.

You want to make your location in the region available for a film shooting or provide your competences and services for a film project? We’ll gladly send you a registration sheet on demand.

The first steps of the project include the establishment of a proper web presence as well as in the provision of respective guides for locations and production services demonstrating the interesting variety of the four-country region as film set and providing an overview of possible film locations and regional services being relevant for a film project. In the long run, different events, get-togethers and presentations on fairs shall be initiated or co-organised.

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