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For a successful Fourcountryregion Bodensee

The development and maintaining of frame conditions for business activity, along with the creation of location conditions that promote business is the task of business promotion services – here in the Fourcountryregion Bodensee as well.

In this way, business promotion services build bridges between companies and cooperation partners, between potential companies and regions, research and practice, company ideas and business success.

In the Federal Republic of Germany, each federal state has its own business promotion service. This is supported by the regional business promotion services in larger cities, districts or centres, and, ever more frequently, also by communal business promotion services in smaller municipalities.

Business promotion in Austria is structured similarly.

In Switzerland, business promotion is normally the task of the cantons.

Business promotion in Liechtenstein exists only for agriculture. The other areas must fight their own on the market. The volume of the national budget in Liechtenstein is too small to provide funding.

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